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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Monochrome and Tone Wash Projects

Here we can see the great progress that everyone is making as we pass the half-way point in this first course. Most people have not painted before, a few have painted before but some time ago.  
The paintings below are a mix of monochrome homework projects and in-class tone wash projects (yellow family palette). The latter will be completed at home. 

Alan - tone wash (yellow family)

Alan - monochrome

David - tone wash (yellow family)

Don - monochrome with colour wash

Don - tone wash (yellow family)

Dorothy - tone wash (yellow family)

Dorothy - monochrome

Elizabeth - monochrome

Elizabeth - tone wash (yellow family)

Evelyn - tone wash (yellow family)

George - tone wash (yellow family)

Helen - tone wash (yellow family)

Ian - monochrome

Ian - monochrome

James - monochrome

James - tone wash (yellow family)

Janet - monochrome

Janet - tone wash (yellow family)

Joyce - tone wash (yellow family)

Joyce - monochrome

Kathleen - tone wash (yellow family)

Kathleen - monochrome

Laurence  - monochrome

Margaret - monochrome

Margaret - tone wash (yellow family)

Michael - monochrome with colour wash

Michael - monochrome

Michael - monochrome

Michael - monochrome

Michael - tone wash (yellow family)

Olwyn - monochrome

Olwyn - tone wash (yellow family)

Ray - monochrome

Ray - monochrome

Ray - tone wash (yellow family)

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Tone and Wash Pt 1 Mono

See resources page opposite for the stills from the demo and a step by step guide. 

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Working in layers and washes

This week we looked at working in layers and simple washes. Here are some of the results with details preceding the fuller image. All of the work is either at a very early stage or are exercises in experimentation. Bot types are explorations of the beauty of wash effects in watercolours: