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Dry brush in watercolours

Here is a step by step guide to the work we did in class using a dry brush approach (not completely dry).  Again, like the layers guide, the image here is worked from light to dark (background to foreground). 
The first two steps show a round and flat brush dragged semi dry across the sheet to create a dry brush ground; step three shows a wetter brush but still quite dry to drag darker washes. All three steps so far show that by using a semi dry brush the white paper shows through where the brush starts to dry quickly; steps four and five show a flat brush again semi dry/wet used to drag with the bristle splayed to give a grass effect and with much darker colours; step six shows the sky aded with a wet brush on wet paper approach to create a soft edged cloud and rain effect - the effect is achieved quite randomly as the paint dissolves and spreads on the wet surface. 
The white highlights on the grass in the foreground are achieved lastly by painting white watercolour paint or gouache without mixing it with water (impasto style).