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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Project 5

This week we worked on a set project for the whole group which is unusual for us as we mostly work on our own choice of subject material. However this project was about learning a number of techniques in one exercise and to make everyone work in a spontaneous, intuitive and bold way. The exercise included working wet on wet, using blobs, splatters, painting with alternative tools, use of a spray mister, back runs, glazes, lift outs, light-touch design/composition and underdrawing techniques, limited palette and limited brushes, allowing the surface activity of the paint on the wet paper to help us build the detailed accent areas. We looked at how these can be applied to real-world subjects such as landscapes. 

Next two weeks: There is no class next week so everyone will work on these paintings when they are fully dry adding subtle layers of light glazes. People can choose a new subject and try this approach at home - but stick to basic rules of three or four colours, three or four brushes, generous application of paint. There is also an alternative project in the resources page opposite. 

Here are the early results from this week: 

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

No Class 5 June: home tasks

As there is no class on 5 June we will be continuing with our class project and a new one (both are in the resources pages opposite "Project 29 May - 12 June"). We meet again on 12 June in our usual room. 

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Perspectives Project

We have been working on various images around the notion of western based perspective, vanishing points, lines of convergence, horizon lines. As well as older, more widespread notions of perspective such as overlapping perspective and aerial (or atmospheric) perspective approaches. And we have looked at combining these notions in our images. Here is our work in progress. A detail(s) precedes the full image.